Download eBook: Important Statistics for Online Reputation Management 

Get necessary insights to chart out your next action plan

The healthcare and wellness industry is very competitive and facing more challenges than ever before. The best way to resolve this situation is to identify and understand the challenges in detail. Our last article, need of online reputation management for healthcare practitioners, must have helped you to successfully identify one of the most important challenges – Managing Your Online Reputation. This eBook will help you understand that challenge better. 

This eBook provides insights from various surveys on how, why and when patients use reviews. At the end of this eBook, you will come to know the impact of reviews on the patients’ decision-making process. Our findings and conclusions will help you to take the next action towards overcoming this challenge. We’ve only considered the parameters that are necessary and should be focused more to manage your online reputation.

eBook includes statistics on:

  • How frequently do patients use reviews?
  • How many patients prefer reviews in the first place?
  • Are you in a safe zone?
  • Patients expectations